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pre-canine counseling

Pre-puppy/dog consulting
"Jen's dog selection services to the rescue! I emailed Jen pictures and descriptions of possible puppies, and she helped guide me to the most appropriate candidates. She encouraged me to take a video of each dog as I tested him and email the video to her. That same day, she gave me an honest, detailed, professional opinion about what she had seen. Now, three and a half months later, I could not be happier. He is such a great dog, and I am having so much fun training him and watching him grow. Of course, Caleb has not replaced Isaac (my previous dog); but he seems to be, without a doubt, the most perfect dog for me."
— Amy B.

Breed consulting
"There aren't enough adjectives to describe the value of the benefit Jenifer provided when she went with me to the breeder to select my new lifelong companion. Her long experience with me and my previous dogs were enormously helpful. Ripken has integrated perfectly into our lives and is demonstrating all the characteristics Jen identified—and then some! And, as Jen keeps training ME, the puppy is well on his way to becoming the dog we all know he can be. Jen enabled me to find (another) canine love of my life. If only her matchmaking talents extended to the human realm."
Veronica L.

Congratulations... you're getting a dog! At + dog, we believe developing an enjoyable, lifelong partnership starts long before you even bring your new dog home. In fact, it starts before you even pick your breed. Here are just a few ways you can be proactive, take advantage of decades of expertise and experience, and set yourself and your new dog up for success.

+ breed consulting

With hundreds of dog breeds in the world, choosing the right one for you, your family and your lifestyle can be a challenge. Start your search here, at the pawsitive dog. We have helped match dozens of potential owners with the perfect breed for them. With well over 10,000 dogs under our leash, we can transform what is all-too-often a fast, impulsive, emotion-based acquisition into a satisfying, rational, knowledge-based choice… resulting in less heartache, less training and a much higher likelihood of long-term dog/owner team success. We begin our one -hour breed consultation session with a pre-consult questionnaire. What breeds appeal to you and why? We then discuss your lifestyle — now, and how it might evolve in the future — with special attention to living environment, family size, time availability, energy level, training commitment and more. Next, we narrow down your potential breed possibilities to determine how well each one fits your carefully defined needs for today, tomorrow and years to come. We'll conclude by picking the top two ideal breeds for you. For your convenience, this valuable session is also available as a phone consult. Together, let's find your new best friend today!

+ pre-puppy/dog consulting

After we have worked with you to determine the best breed choice, the pawsitive dog's matchmaking service can help optimize future success. Once a breed is selected, we have the expertise to help you choose which specific puppy or dog will make the best companion for your lifelong partnership. Have an out of town dog or litter in mind? We'll happily evaluate that dog/litter via video & phone consult as we coach you through the temperament testing process and then provide you with an objective opinion before your adoption or purchase. Of course, if the potential dog/litter is local, we'll go with you to the breeder, shelter or rescue organization and professionally temperament test as many prospects as necessary to ensure you get the + dog "pick of the litter." The right breed and the right dog can stop potential behavior problems before they start. What better way to unleash the perfect partnership then by being proactive and ensuring you get the right dog for your personality, lifestyle and goals.

+ pre-arrival preparation – human training sans dog

Prepare for the new arrival by enrolling at the pawsitive dog before your new best friend comes home. We'll teach you how to imprint correctly to create an adaptable, adjustable dog from Day One by providing you with the foundation and skills essential for you and your dog to develop an enjoyable, lifelong partnership. These invaluable, interactive, in-depth lectures teach you how to think and talk "dog." Relationship, space, mealtime, potty time, exercise, exposure, socialization, equipment, basic behavior & obedience are just some of the topics we'll discuss for the health, comfort, safety and start-up success for your new addition. Can't make it to the training center for these sans-dog classes? For your convenience, the first two of these three sessions can be covered in a phone consult.

+ pre-puppy/dog training – with a + dog mentor dog

Exclusively at + dog, this innovative option is one of a kind! Train yourself before you train your dog. Interested in test-driving different breeds? Can't wait to experience the joys and rewards of handling a well-trained dog? Want to perfect your training skills and technique before your pooch comes home? Then we have the program for you! Speed up your education and get to the head of the pack with pre-puppy/dog training before your new pooch comes into your life. Join us at + dog for classes with one of our + dog-trained mentor dogs. It's the ideal way to acquire new skills before you begin to teach your dog. Leash up one of our honor students…and unleash your inner alpha, today!

Start off on the right paw. Call or click here to set up your pre-canine counseling appointments today.

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