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the pawsitive dog

the pawsitive dog

Celebration Donations

Photo by Breslin Benyo

At + dog we are not just committed to dogs and their owners, we are committed to the community.  2009 offered us the chance to take that commitment one step further with our celebration donation program designed to honor + dog staff on their birthday. It's simple; our clients pre-purchase any traditional class program, bulk day-school package or overnight stay at camp + dog and we donate 10% of their pre-paid invoice to the charity of the individual team member's choice.

Happy Birthday, Jenifer. Thanks to our clients, we raised over $1000 to help horses in need.

Happy Birthday, Breslin! Thanks to our clients, we raised over $1000 – the equivalent of 2,070 meals – for those in need in our community. Way to go, guys!!!

When it is the client's birthday we propose the same offer.  They pre-purchase any traditional class program, bulk day–school package or overnight stay at camp + dog and we donate 10% of their pre-paid invoice to the charity of their choice.

    Karen and Sadie the Boxer:
Happy Birthday, Karen!  In celebration of her birthday, + dog donated over $85 to the charity of her choice.


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If you know a dog-owner team who could benefit a + dog education, share this site.
Thank you for your help paving the way toward a better life for humans & canines.

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