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accelerated training program

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"What a difference a year has made. Gannon really did a wonderful job this summer. Not to say that he is perfect or does not have his moments, but he proved to be adaptable to different situations, regularly went swimming with us and stayed in the yard. His recall was good and when people came over, they commented that he is a "good dog." We could not have done it without the foundation you gave us." — Jaime M.




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Want your dog's training to go from zero to sixty? Put the pedal to the metal with our accelerated overnight training and let us do the work for you! Designed for students who have not yet enrolled in traditional classes, our intensive overnight accelerated training programs jump start your dog into training mode, keeps his/her focus there day and night and lays a solid foundation for your pack's training journey.

All the benefits of camp + dog with even more training, this concentrated overnight option combines day school training, class participation, off-campus adventures and house time. We train your dog 24-hours a day and teach you the skills you'll need to maintain it. Classes for YOU during and after your dog's stay ensure that you'll both be speaking the same language and make for a smooth transition from our house to yours.

  • 21-day program includes three classes, three audits and three study hall at the pawsitive dog training center where we address your unique relationship and teach you how to bring your dog's new manners home.  You'll start learning how to implement the new exercises your dog just mastered, catch up with his new vocabulary and understand the fundamentals for lifelong success.  Our most popular option, the 21-day program gives you the tools for a great relationship, good manners and solid obedience.
  • 28-day program includes four classes, four audits and four study halls at the pawsitive dog to ensure you are as educated as your dog and are completely confident and comfortable with your dog's new skill set. You'll build off of the above results and gain several practical obedience exercises to take your dog's results to the next level.  Our four-week program is suggested for owners looking for more than just a simple start-up.  Be prepared to learn as much and as fast as you can – your dog will be grades ahead of you!

For optimum success, + dog strongly encourages owners to start class participation during your dog's stay when possible. To keep the momentum we've established on the right track and ensure a complete transfer of skills, additional follow-up sessions are recommended at + dog training center.  We revel in the opportunity to show and teach you what your dog learned – we guarantee you'll be impressed!

the pawsitive dog's accelerated training program includes focused training plus a balanced schedule of:

  • camp + dog – with all the comforts of home, your dog will be a welcome guest in the residence of a + dog team member with round-the-clock supervision and care. Your dog's private tutor is always just steps away.
  • day school – regular attendance at Boston's premier dog training center where your dog receives several one-on-one training sessions and is exposed to different people and different dogs every day.
  • class – participation in semi-private, small and large group classes simulate a real-world environment and prepare your dog for upcoming classes with you (his owner!).
  • field trips – we take learning on the road (and trails!) to reinforce good manners and obedience outside the home and training center.

Fast track for your dog, fast track for you!

Here's what one successful accelerated student had to say …


"I am so honored and feel grateful all the time that I found The Pawsitive Dog. You made all the difference in teaching in our training and relationship with Gannon!"

— Jaime M.


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the pawsitive dog training center, + dog, is Boston, Massachusetts' premier dog training facility. Our dog training professionals offer a variety of personalized programs including, but not limited to, dog obedience training, dog behavior and dog owner education. the pawsitive dog offers creative, personalized alternatives to canine classes, dog day care and dog boarding through individualized dog training programs including dog day school, overnight boarding and training stays at camp pawsitive dog, doggie field trips, home visits, Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog training and more.

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