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At + dog, we don't believe in a quick fix - we take the time to train you and your dog the right way so each and every day you receive lifelong results. The relationship comes first. Based on your development as a unique team, we provide progressive exercises for each area of your dog-human partnership.  By helping you reinforce correct behavior and prevent undesirable behavior from becoming a habit (or two or three or four bad habits!), we minimize future behavioral issues and set your dog up for success. After our initial consultation and development of your personalized start-up strategy, you're encouraged to regularly check in so we may constantly assess and reassess your progress and make adjustments accordingly.  After all, we want your dog to be the friend you've always dreamed of no matter what real-life brings - simple schedule changes, cross-country move, or new family additions.

the pawsitive dog utilizes proven methods that emphasize positive teaching and training for dogs and their owners – tried and true approaches and methods that have proven successful again and again in over 17 years in business.  We provide our clients with multiple short-term exercises that gradually increase in complexity to ensure long-term results that last a lifetime. Our distinctive, multidimensional style stresses a proactive versus reactive approach, emphasizes correct direction & re-direction and focuses on owner understanding and education.  While we believe in motivating versus making, we also belief in appropriate consequences for inappropriate behavior that puts dogs and/or owners at risk.  Unlike many other training facilities, we focus on three main target areas: relationship, good manners and obedience — not just sit, stand and down — and pride ourselves providing a balanced approach that creates a balanced dog.

We teach our students the skills they need to think and talk "dog" so they can effectively open the human-canine line of communication versus unfairly applying consequences for unwanted behavior. Students will learn to maximize their "dog time" through day-to-day lifestyle components such as exercise, exposure, socialization, stimulation, neutralization, supervision, substitution and rewards (verbal and physical praise, treats, toys, etc.).  After all, your dog is learning through every interaction, let's make each one count.

The results? Confident, educated owners with confident, educated dogs — dogs who readily adapt and adjust to any environment.

At + dog, we donīt believe in limiting participation to just one family member. For lifelong success, we encourage all secondary owners and family members to attend, observe and participate whenever possible at no additional charge. After all, for your dog to change his behavior, everyone must change theirs as well. The more, the merrier and the faster your results. Get your pack involved today!

To learn more about our how some of our students have developed their own lifelong partnerships, see our + dog stories or simply ask the owner of the best behaved dog in your neighborhood.

"So much more than sit, down, stay -- Jenifer's approach is all encompassing and works on the relationship between the owner and the dog....because without a solid relationship and foundation, nothing can be built. We love you, The Pawsitive Dog. Thank you for all that you do on a daily basis to enrich the lives of your clients, the rescue organizations you donate your time and expertise to, and most importantly, aiding your clients in providing a safe and adventurous life to the dogs who train with you."
—Renee R.


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the pawsitive dog training center, + dog, is Boston, Massachusetts' premier dog training facility. Our dog training professionals offer a variety of personalized programs including, but not limited to, dog obedience training, dog behavior and dog owner education. the pawsitive dog offers creative, personalized alternatives to canine classes, dog day care and dog boarding through individualized dog training programs including dog day school, overnight boarding and training stays at camp pawsitive dog, doggie field trips, home visits, Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog training and more.

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